Norfolk Carbon Spars is able to supply very stiff and light sail battens for a variety of applications on racing dinghies.

We commonly have in stock 3 sizes but others are available to order, for specific applications.

In generality, carbon battens are half the weight and twice the stiffness of normal GRP battens, however when the two types are compared weight for weight, the carbon batten is many times stiffer than GRP. An experiment with 3 carbon battens and one GRP batten all placed under exactly the same bending moment, provides an illuminating illustration of their individual characteristics as shown in the attached picture.

Norfolk Carbon Spar Battens
This is a side view of all four types clamped to a bench at equal length (44”) and allowed to droop under their own weight. The top three black battens are carbon, whilst the bottom batten is normal GRP.

Normal stock carbon size and shape battens are as follows:

* 15.5mm x 5.8mm (pronounced diamond)
* 14.5mm x 3.3mm (flat)
* 13.8mm x 2.9mm (slim diamond)

You will note that the greatest deflection by far, is the standard GRP batten. The other 3 carbon battens are as listed above stiffest first, so the 15.5mm x 5.8mm (pronounced diamond) batten is shown at the top of the picture with virtually no deflection and the 13.8mm x 2.9mm (slim diamond) batten is 3rd one down on the picture.

In a direct comparison between the GRP batten and the closest comparable cross section in carbon (slim diamond), the batten is roughly twice the stiffness and half the weight, on a full set of 5 battens on for instance a typical dinghy, the weight saving is about .25kg. The weight difference in the stiffer sections is less pronounced, but the stiffness is many times greater and clearly this is where the principle advantage lies.

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