Advantages of Carbon Spars

The stiffness to weight ratio of carbon spars is more than twice that of comparable aluminium spars. They are also about one third to one half the weight of the same section in aluminium.


Lightweight carbon spars significantly reduce the weight aloft which improves vessel stability. For cruising yachts, this makes for easier mast lowering and it also equates to ease of handing in that anything which needs to be hauled aloft, such as gaff or topsle spars, can all be made much lighter.


The strength of carbon spars and reduction in weight aloft for racing yachts, allows for larger sail area and a commensurate increase in performance. It is also usual for the increased stiffness of the spar to allow a reduction in the amount of rigging aloft.


Carbon spars afford significantly increased durability and longevity. They are far more fatigue-resistant than aluminium. They will not corrode, and they are easier to maintain and repair than both wooden and aluminium spars. Carbon can be painted in any proprietary colour and for the historic vessel, carbon spars can be made to look all but indistinguishable from wood once aloft.

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