Norfolk Carbon Spars

Carbon provides an unrivalled combination of strength and lightness for your mast, boom, gaff or topsle spars

In 2005, the River Cruiser Class Yacht Maidie (RCC No 52) was sadly dismasted in a collision with another yacht whilst racing. The Bermudan rig that was lost was an all-aluminum Z-Spar like many others in the cruiser fleet. It was previously considered to be “bullet proof”.

This epitaph was consequent in no small measure to the weight of section employed and the plethora of rigging that held it up. That particular section was by then obsolete and the recommended replacement was even heavier, so after careful research into the availability and suitability of carbon fibre sections, Maidie was re-equipped in 2006 with an all carbon rig.

It has exceeded our expectations in all respects. As a consequence we are pleased to pass on the benefit of this experience to others who may also wish to consider using carbon fibre for any spar on their yacht.

Since 2006…

  • We have supplied gaffs, jib-booms and a complete combined gaff/topsle set up with integral gaff saddle;
  • We can manufacture any form of yacht spar from the smallest gaff or topsle yard, up to a complete Bermudan mast in our heated workshops at Reedham.
  • We will form individual fittings in carbon if so required.  Otherwise we are able to choose from a selection of carbon sections, produced by major manufacturers, to produce spars of any size and application for use on inland water.

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Norfolk Carbon Spars is able to supply very stiff and light sail battens for a variety of applications on racing dinghies.

We commonly have in stock 3 sizes but others are available to order, for specific applications.
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